1. For multipule resonse such as 2 or more responses to a poll will give full credit or no credit at all (no partial credit/weighted grading).  ·  started

  2. Indicate Correct Response - Great Idea for Expanding your Sales in K-12 and Higher Ed!  ·  completed

  3. Would it be possible to save different branded response page / usernames under my profile

  4. Allow Credit/No Credit Responses  ·  under review

  5. When downloading gradebook, ALL data must be shown

  6. Allow for a dual and multi-level an bar graph poll with a multiple choice response options  ·  completed

  7. Ability for students to upload images  ·  planned

  8. Line breaks in responses  ·  under review

  9. Ability to sort responses in reverse chronological order so that new entries come in at the bottom  ·  under review

  10. A reporting option to include all participant from a participant group, regardless of a response to the poll.  ·  completed

  11. Ability to submit an image as a response to an open ended poll question.  ·  under review

  12. Go back to flash and have a total response count  ·  declined

  13. change-able awnsers  ·  completed

  14. Consider changing the default font for WordCloud responses so that participants can use CamelCaps when typing their answers.

  15. See realtime results on participants mobile Web Response page  ·  under review

  16. delayed response  ·  completed

  17. Correct Responses  ·  completed

  18. Replace "Log in " button on mobile device.  ·  declined

  19. Customisable PollEv Page  ·  completed

  20. Account Delegation for Poll Execution  ·  started

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