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    We do offer the ability to customize the body of the invitation email. Just click the “I’d like to customize the invitation message” and our hope was that this would be enough to give context to anyone receiving the message.

    I’m hesitant to add an option to override the name of the person sending the invite because we want to have a public audit trail of who on the account invited the new users. For example, an account that has multiple Administrators may want to have some trail of exactly who sent the invite and who to follow up with in case there are issues.

    There’s other better ways we can do this, but I don’t want to overcomplicate the invitation process with more settings.

    I will have our design team look into setting the invitation as coming from the Organization Name in a prominent place in the email. I…

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    Sarah Cooper commented  · 

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the follow up! I can change the text of that email but I have to do it manually every time I return to the system to invite someone. Additionally, it only works for invites sent from me, while we have a handful of users who will have the ability to invite. If there is a place where I can customize the default message system wide so that I control what the default is for other people, that would absolutely be good enough for our situation. It would be ok to still say from 'sarah cooper' at the bottom, as long as I'm able to make it so our institution name is in the body of all those emails as the default (certainly someone could customize back to their name or whatever they want).

    Sarah Cooper shared this idea  · 

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