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    It sounds like you are using our Text Wall visualization of our Open Ended Poll where you have text bubbles that flow down the screen. Does that sound correct?

    If so, then I can understand your use case. We have always followed the rule where newer goes at the top. I’ll bring this up with our chart visualization team and we can brainstorm a few different visualizations that might for you OR if we can easily toggle the order.

    One thing I might recommend for you, if your audience is primarily responding via the web on the smartphones (not using text message) then our new Q&A poll type might work better for you. It is a web response only poll, but I promise it is really cool. We use it every week for townhall and Q&A sessions. This blog post goes into the best detail if you are curious:

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    Daniel Wulfkuhle commented  · 

    Oooooohhhh yes that Q&A poll is the functionality I wanted! Thank you!

    The original request being, basically just a different way to organize the incoming responses if we were doing something like a Q&A poll but still enabling the texts - or an option just to reverse the order as new responses come in so that they're on the bottom rather than the top. Thank you for investigating!

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