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    Yeah, I understand that one. I know I’ve clicked the anonymous button and then later regretted it as well. We try to put a scary pop up warning, but it still happens.

    It’s difficult for us to convert a poll back because we take our anonymity very seriously. Once that warning is accepted we immediately scramble any responses to that poll and then put a lock that prevents the poll from recording the name/email of any future responses. We’re literally destroying where we would store the identifiable information for the poll and to convert back we’d have to re-create those tables which is a tricky and slow process. And, we’re hesitant to open a way for someone to hack that information.

    That said, certainly if we get a lot of requests for this we will work on it. In the meantime, I just recommend being careful with the anonymous button…

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    John D commented  · 

    When an anonymous survey is duplicated, the second copy is also anonymous, and this setting can not be changed. Since it is a brand new copy of the survey, it would be nice to be able to copy the content of the polls without preserving the anonymous setting. Perhaps it could be something that is prompted for during the duplication request (since once it is created as anonymous, it can't be changed).

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