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  1. Simultaneous live polls or at least copy polls between accounts

  2. Replace "Log in " button on mobile device.  ·  declined

  3. Increase font size range on word clouds  ·  under review

  4. More responses for K-12 teachers!  ·  completed

  5. Improve Report Function for Participation  ·  completed

  6. Show a counter for the no of students responses and time elapsed

  7. People need to be able to cut n paste the web response  ·  declined

  8. Allow for all responses to polls to appear simultaneously in presentation mode  ·  under review

  9. Is there a way to show a count of all responses that are the same in open ended polls or word clouds?  ·  under review

  10. Provide actual samples of response tweets, text messages,SMS responses  ·  completed

  11. Cache Polls, Send Eventually  ·  under review

  12. Copying Groups of Polls  ·  completed

  13. Q & A question type - make 'load new responses' refresh button either more contrast or larger  ·  under review

  14. Merge word cloud data from different polls  ·  under review

  15. increase the number of student responses posssible in free account  ·  completed

  16. Registered participants should be able to vote via web and twitter and responses be recorded as registered users  ·  completed

  17. Polls to PDF?  ·  declined

  18. It would be amazing to be able to analyze (group or trend) the unstructured responses as well.

  19. To allow the presenter to choose to allow or not to allow the audience to clear response  ·  completed

  20. Clickable image reporting: Separate "coordinates" and "clickable region" data values  ·  under review

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