Can I have math equations or science formulas in the poll question?

You can use TeX or LaTeX to add formulas or equations in the poll question title or the answer choices. Just start typing your question or answer choice and when you want to enter an equation type $$ your equation $$ and the rest of your question. We'll translate it to mathspeak right then and there with a preview

If $$f(x)=x^3+4x$$, what's the area under the curve for the interval [1,3]?

The LaTeX will be displayed on the poll chart AND the pollev response page for students to respond on the web on the big screen:

On your students' phone: 

If you need some help getting LaTeX syntax down you can try some of these free resources:

- builder and plug in: 

- wiki for chemistry:

- wiki for math:

- comprehensive list of LaTeX symbols:

If you decide to add equations to your poll after you created it. You can edit your poll by doing the following:

1. click on the title of your poll question to open it
2. select Edit on the bottom right of the screen
3. type in your equation with $$ to indicate when it should use LaTeX

Remember to start your question or answer option with “$$:” so we know to convert it properly.

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