Can I format the font of the poll titles?

You can use HTML formatting to format the title of a poll question. Here's how:

Italics: To italicize a line you may use <em> whatever you want to italicize </em>  with a / to then stop the italics in the poll title. 

Bold: To make a a line bold you may use <strong> whatever you want to make bold </strong> with a / to return to regular font 

To create a Line Break or New Line: you may use <br> and the following text will move to a new line. 

Here's an example:

Here we have some regular text. <em>Then, you can use em between carets to italicize text. </em> <br> <strong>Finally, you cause strong between carets to make the text bold. </strong> There are caveats though.

And, on the PollEv Response page that your participants/audience will see:

A few peculiarities:
- This only works for the Poll Title. Answer choices will not be effected if it's a multiple choice poll.
- Italics will work for all of the fonts.
- New lines will work for any font and any poll.
- The Bold text will only work for fonts Source Sans Pro and Proxima Nova because we automatically make the other fonts bold. You can see how to change fonts here.
- The PollEv response page will only slightly make the font bold because we automatically Bold the text.

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