How do students register on the Student Pays plan?

When you are on the student pays plan, the invitation link we provide will automatically update to include a credit card field. It's the same link and process outlined in our User Guide for all the other plans. We have some steps for just how that looks here.

If you are planning on using us for some attendance and grading, I would highly recommend you use our Participant Group feature when you are sending out the invitation link to your students. This will set them up into groups (classes) right from the start and allow you to easily run reports by class. 

I have the steps for how we recommend setting this on our Attendance Best Practice Guide here. There's a lot of good tips in that guide and I highly recommend it. I would especially pay attention to the Registered Participants Only section. This will help anyone using Poll Everywhere for grading, attendance, game prizes tremendously.

Finally, here's some step by steps for what the students will see when they go to sign up.

1. Student receives an email with a link to register with the account and participant group
2. They'll be taken to a page that looks like this to enter their basic information and credit card for a one time $14 charge that is good for the year

3. After they have initially registered their account they will be taken to the Registration Page for their account. The very first field on this page is where they will enter their ID Number which will appear in the "Responding As" column in the reports. This is only if you want to use a student ID number.

This is also where they will enter the cell phone number if they want to respond by text message. I recommend students respond via the web as it is less error prone if they have a data plan on their phone or access to campus WiFi.

Otherwise, they will enter their cell phone number on this screen here. Then text to 37607 and in the body of the message enter Certify. From there on we will know this phone number is associated with their student account.

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