Can I display just the top two or three choices on my poll?

The “Leaderboard” found under the “Bars” menu allows you to display options on a Multiple Choice Poll ranked by the most votes per option. You can choose to display every option or to display a specified number of options (for example the top 3). This is especially useful when displaying the results of a poll with a large number of option choices, as showing the top or “winning” options is generally more legible and effective. If you want show all the possible options you can use the "Hide Chart" (eye icon) to hide the bar graph and display all the possible choices.

1. Click on the title of the poll you created
2. Click on the paintbrush icon to the top right of the poll. This will open the Visual Settings menu
3. Click on the Bars menu to expand it
4. Click the checkbox next to "Leaderboard"
5. In the small textbox that appears type the number of top responses you want to display

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