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Allow students to submit open-ended answers to a question, and then allow the class to choose the correct answer from the submissions

For those who have played the game Fibbage, this idea will sound familiar, because it's an ingenious way of making classroom quizzes fun.

I'd love to see a feature where students would be allowed to submit an answer to a question. After all submissions are received, they appear on the screen in addition to the correct answer. Students must select the correct answer from among all of the submissions.

What makes this a game and much more fun is that kids are encouraged to submit clever (but ultimately incorrect) "fake" answers to try to fool the other students and prevent them from selecting the correct answer.

Students who select an incorrect answer of course do not receive any points.

Students who are able to fool other students into selecting their "fake" answer, are awarded points.

Students who select the correct answer among the fake answers are also awarded points.

Let me give an example in case my explanation is a little confusing.
The question that appears is "Who was the second president of the United States?"

Brandon knows that the answer is John Adams. However, he submits the "fake" answer of "Thomas Jefferson", knowing that other students might remember the name, but not the order, and mistakenly select his "fake" answer, awarding him points. After he and all of his classmates submit their answers, all of the submissions plus the correct answer appear on the screen. Brandon notices that another student has submitted the "fake" answer of "Adam Johnson". Brandon finds this funny and clever, but knows that the correct answer is John Adams, which he is awarded points for selecting.

I'd love to hear any additional ideas / comments on this, as well!

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Andy Kroll shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

That sounds super fun! I’m not quite sure how to do that from a technical perspective, but I’ll bring it up to the team for new activity types.

We already have a few other new ones in our roadmap we hope to do first, but I’ll bring this up. Thank you so much for the explanation


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