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    Ah, this is a tough one. Most of our pricing is based around the maximum number of responses allowed per poll question because generally larger events have a larger budget and this helps keep things fair for our customers and keeps us in business.

    If we allow plans with moderation to “delete” a response and prevent it from getting recorded as a response it allows for some bad agents to game our pricing system and get a lot of “free” responses by showing them and then “deleting” them before they reach the limit. So, it’s a tradeoff for us.

    We might be able to do something like giving each presenter a maximum of 5-10 “deletes” that they can use for any given poll question. That way you can remove a few bad responses that you never want to display, but prevent gaming the system.

    Do you think that would work…

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    Gavin P commented  · 

    Please allow a few deletes. We have a problem where someone did some test answers prior to running a poll. Now we've run the poll many times (well <500 responses though, not close to the limit) but those initial test answers are still there and making the summary charts show up w/inaccurate data. We were never able to find a way prior to running the poll for real how to clear all the data, and now we have too much data for us to want to do that (even if we could figure out how to clear all responses, which btw we still can't figure out)

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