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    Ah, this is a tough one. Most of our pricing is based around the maximum number of responses allowed per poll question because generally larger events have a larger budget and this helps keep things fair for our customers and keeps us in business.

    If we allow plans with moderation to “delete” a response and prevent it from getting recorded as a response it allows for some bad agents to game our pricing system and get a lot of “free” responses by showing them and then “deleting” them before they reach the limit. So, it’s a tradeoff for us.

    We might be able to do something like giving each presenter a maximum of 5-10 “deletes” that they can use for any given poll question. That way you can remove a few bad responses that you never want to display, but prevent gaming the system.

    Do you think that would work…

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    Lynne Cohen commented  · 

    I also need the ability to delete poll responses when students post items when students post irrelevant items. I know that I can have set the poll to automatically censor, but that does not consider new slang terms that the filter does not know about, or items that I don't want showing when I show the students again the next day.

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