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  1. Are there any keyboard shortcuts when presenting polls?

  2. Are there Powerpoint Add-ins that Conflict with Poll Everywhere Presenter?

  3. Can I assign weighted grading to my polls?

  4. Can I convert Powerpoint slides or Turning Point polls into Poll Everywhere polls?

  5. Can I display just the top two or three choices on my poll?

  6. Can I edit multiple polls at once?

  7. Can I embed a poll in BlackBoard?

  8. Can I format the font of the poll titles?

  9. Can I get a screenshot of my poll?

  10. Can I have math equations or science formulas in the poll question?

  11. Can I have multiple presenters on my plan?

  12. Can I Present from iPad with Powerpoint?

  13. Can I present polls with WebEx or other screen sharing services?

  14. Can I put people into teams or groups to create competitions?

  15. Can I register participants who don’t have email addresses (like young students)?

  16. Can I remove the "Powered by" footer on reply messages?

  17. Can I resize the poll slide in PowerPoint?

  18. Can I schedule my polls to open and close at specific times?

  19. Can I send a custom reply text to my audience?

  20. Canned - Website Can I embed a poll in Canvas?

  21. Canned - Website Hide correct response from students

  22. Duplicate - Attendance - Best Practice

  23. Google Slides "Insert Image" Workaround

  24. How can I customize the URL on my polls?

  25. How can I download participant list to a csv?

  26. How can I get the results for one run of multiple polls?

  27. How can I Update my personal information?

  28. How can I update the Mac Presenter App?

  29. How do I change response totals between count or percent?

  30. How do I create a Word Cloud?

  31. How do I hide the results while my participants vote?

  32. How do I move polls between groups or users?

  33. How do I register or reply to my Professor's or Teacher's polls?

  34. How do students register on the Student Pays plan?

  35. How should I present my polls?

  36. How to I move or rearrange my polls?

  37. I am currently on a paid plan. Will I be charged the full amount if I change plan levels?

  38. I installed the Powerpoint app, but I don't have a Poll Everywhere tab on my ribbon

  39. Import poll questions

  40. In PowerPoint, I get an error message that says “Slide cannot be found”

  41. Is there support for OpenOffice presentations on any operating system?

  42. My poll is not responding to text messages, what should I do?

  43. My PollEv page is not updating or displaying my poll?

  44. PowerPoint doesn't work when I hook my computer up to a Projector or Dual Monitor.

  45. Sharing polls with another presenter

  46. The mouse does not show on poll slides in Keynote.

  47. Update: Can I grade or score my responses?

  48. What are user groups, and how can I set them up?

  49. Why do US or Canadian participants send their text message responses to that short number? ("22333" or "37607")?

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