What are user groups, and how can I set them up?

Any account which allows more than 10 subusers to create polls, will have the ability to create User Groups.

User Groups allow you to filter what polls your presenters see, so they're not overwhelmed by other presenters polls. User groups are also used for privacy: users can't see polls from other groups.

Users not assigned to any group will exist in isolation, and will not see other people's polls in their "Account Polls" tab. Otherwise, any person may see, copy, and edit the polls of another person within their User Group from the Account Polls tab. Only Account Owners and Account Admins may create User Groups.  And, each user (person) may only be in a single user group at a time. 

Here's how to create new user groups and add users on the account to a group:

1. Log into the account as the Account Owner or an Account Admin
2. Click on your username on the top right (gear icon) --> Settings 
3. Then select Manage Users on the left side of the page
4. Click on the User Groups tab on the center of the page

5. By selecting New Group icon on the right side will bring up a box to create the new user group name

6. Once you have created a group name, click on the Users tab to return to the the Manage Users page

7. Then, select the drop down menu under the Group column and select which group they should be in

This will save and update automatically

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