How can I get the results for one run of multiple polls?

When you clear the results for a poll you are actually archiving them to our reporting database. When you archive the results for a particular poll question we will give it a timestamp. If you archive the results of more than one poll at a time (which you may do from the My Polls Page), then we give you the opportunity to name this "shared run." Please note that for a shared run to work properly, all the polls you are clearing must have responses.

If all of the polls that you have selected for a report have a shared run then it will be an option under the "Select Runs" section of the report. 

1. Select the polls you want to clear and click on the Clear Results button, it is a small button at the top of the page

2. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to give this run a name

3. Run a report on those same selected polls. If any of the polls you selected were not cleared at the same time you will not have this option. 

4. To the right side of the report click on the Select Runs menu > chose Shared Run > and pick the name of the shared run you want to report on

This will have all of the responses for the shared run. If you didn't clear the results for the polls at the same time, then they will not have this option. Also, if one of the poll questions selected in the report was not part of the "shared run" when you cleared the results - this also will not be available. 

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