Can I Present from iPad with Powerpoint?

Microsoft pre-installs Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint on your iPad. If you have the most up to date version of PowerPoint for iPad then you can use our Office 365 add-in from the top right of PowerPoint.

To get started

First download or update PowerPoint for iPad

Then click Insert, Add-ins, and then Poll Everywhere

Now, use the search bar to insert poll questions you made earlier. It searches by the title of poll questions and present as you would any other slide

You can also make new Word Cloud, Short Answer, or basic T/F questions.

That’s it. You run the show from start to finish, with nothing more than one little iPad. That means whether you’re traveling across the hall or to Kathmandu, there’s no need to carry a laptop anymore. You can walk into any meeting with a pre-made PowerPoint deck full of interactive Poll Slides, or decide to create engagement on the fly as you present. It’s all there in your iPad.

  • Sales teams, travel light to your next big presentation.
  • Educators, use one device to engage all your classes.
  • Corporate learning pros, keep all your decks and responses in one iPad.
  • Event planners, run the entire shebang on one device.

The limits are really up to you. With a free Poll Everywhere account and PowerPoint for iPad, you’re set for good times with any crowd.

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