PowerPoint doesn't work when I hook my computer up to a Projector or Dual Monitor.

For Windows:
Try the following:
1. Open PowerPoint
2. Switch to the "Slide Show" tab in the ribbon
3. Click on the "Monitor" drop down menu towards the right of the ribbon tab
4. Change the selection from "Automatic" to "Primary Monitor"
5. Uncheck the "Use Presenter View" checkbox just below the Monitor drop down menu
6. Try to display on the projector or dual monitor again

You can also check the Display Settings in the Control Panel:
1. Open the Control Panel
2. Select "Appearance and Personalization"
3. Select the Display
4. Select the "Project to a second screen"
5. Change the Projection Option to use Duplicate
6. Try to display on the projector or dual monitor again

For Mac:
1. In PowerPoint, switch to the "Slide Show" ribbon tab and, select the "Mirror" display option instead of the Presentation View. Then start the presentation and see if that works.

2. In your Display Settings for the computer. Go to the System Menu (the Apple button on the top left) > System Preferences... > Displays. Select the Duplicate or Mirror option instead of "Extends".

3. If neither of these work then you can use our Force Monitor help feature. While you have the Poll Ev Presenter application open, click "Help" under the menu bar. There should be an option labeled "Force Monitor Selection" available on our most recent version:

While connected to the projector/monitor, you should be able to select it directly, as well as the correct aspect ratio. Once you've done so, your polls will show on the screen you've selected.

If none of these items help, please contact Customer Support.

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