I installed the Powerpoint app, but I don't have a Poll Everywhere tab on my ribbon

If you are a Mac user the PollEv Presenter will run in a separate window, instead of a tab. To learn more check out the PollEv presenter guide for Mac. 

PollEv inactive or disabled

If you are a Windows user, l
et's check and see if the Add-In installed successfully, but just not showing in PowerPoint. This can happen if the add-in isn't enabled by default. You can you try to enable the Add-in with these steps:

1. Click on File to the top left of PowerPoint

2. At the bottom of the menu there should be a button for "Options" or “PowerPoint Options”

3. On the left of the Options menu click on the tab for Add-Ins

               IE10 - Win7 Fresh PPT - No App Running 2015-07-08 16-47-17png

4. Look under Inactive and Disabled for the Poll Ev Presenter App. If it is Inactive then click the Go next to Com Add-ins. If PollEv is disabled, then select Disabled from the drop down menu and then click go.

5. Click the "checkbox” button and select OK to enable the add-in

IE11 - Win81 App 160 Running 2015-08-03 16-03-18png

Exit out, and see if the Poll Everywhere ribbon appears on the top right of PowerPoint. You may need to completely close PowerPoint and reopen it for the change to take effect.

Repair PollEv App

Did that not do the trick? Do you not see PollEv in the Powerpoint add-in's window? If not, the installation may be corrupted. Follow theses steps to try to repair the app.
  1. Completely close out of PowerPoint

  2. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall a Program

  3. Right click on the Poll Ev Presenter

  4. In the drop down menu, select the Repair option

  5. Once the Repair finishes, open PowerPoint again and try again.
MSI install for Work  Still not working!? Please try our enterprise installation instructions. If this is and organization's computer, we recomend reaching out to the IT team.
1. Close all open instances of Powerpoint.
2. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall a Program. Check to see if Poll Ev Presenter is in your list of programs (even if the install was unsuccessful, there may be a partial installation that needs to be removed). If it is, uninstall it.
3. Go to https://polleverywhere.com/app/enterprise and download all 3 files in steps 1-3.

4. Install these 3 files one at a time and in order. If a program already exists on your computer it's okay to skip it and move to the next one on the list. (Note: You can tell if it’s installed because it will ask you to “Repair” the installation.)

5. When you are installing the PollEverywhere.PowerPointAddInSetup.msi you will be prompted to either install for “Everyone” or “Just me”. Please select "Everyone".

Open up a new Powerpoint, you should now see a Poll Everywhere tab. If you still do not see the Poll Everywhere tab, reattempt to enable the add-in from the Powerpoint options menu. 

If you are still having trouble 
contact Customer Support.

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