Update: Can I grade or score my responses?

Grading on a poll allows you to visually display the correct answers on the Live Chart. This also allows you to use the Gradebook Report to grade individual performance across multiple polls. Grading is only available for Multiple Choice polls. 

To set the correct answer just type in your question and click the Checkmark for any correct answer for the multiple choice poll question. We will then automatically grade any incoming responses for the Gradebook report or to be displayed on the live chart!

If you need to make changes or want to enable grading after you create the question you can do so under the Edit Poll menu. Here's how:

1. Create or click on a multiple choice poll

2. Click on the Edit Poll button to the bottom right of the page

3. Once in the Edit Poll screen, select the "Grade incoming responses" checkbox beneath your answer options

4. Then, select the checkbox next to the correct answer(s) and save your poll

5. All of the incoming responses will be automatically graded for you reports. So, you may see your audience or class understanding. To read about our reporting features click here

6. You may also display which answer is correct at the time of your choosing during the live presentation. To do so, click on the Toggle Correctness icon on the poll display.

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