My PollEv page is not updating or displaying my poll?

Your PollEv page will display the Active poll. You can Activate the poll you'd like to display on your pollev response page by clicking the Activate button, or displaying the poll in full screen mode. If you are in full screen presentation mode the poll you are currently displaying will automatically be activated (so long as you are logged in). The response page will update automatically and stay in sync with whatever poll you have displayed on screen in full screen mode.

In the Poll Everywhere Presenter Apps you will need to have the app installed (installing the PollEv Presenter App, and be logged in to ensure you polls activates in full screen presentation mode. You can log into the Poll Everywhere presenter by clicking on the Poll Everywhere tab on Windows or Google slides, or by simply having the app open and running in the background on a Mac.

From the web: Make sure you Activate the poll you'd like to display by clicking the "Activate button"

Remember! For the pollev page to follow along when you're presenting from PowerPoint make sure you are logged in to the Windows PowerPoint Plugin: This can be done by logging in from the Poll Everywhere toolbar in the ribbon (after installing the PollEv Presenter App (

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