Import poll questions

You can import all of your poll questions from CSV (Excel) to our application to quickly create a large number of questions. It's great if you have you're own bank of questions. Less typing and more time preparing for your presentation. 

Click Import on the top left of the My Polls page. Just beneath our Create button

From our import wizard you can download a CSV template to see how to upload your questions. Each individual Row in your CSV will be a new question. After you upload your CSV with questions you'll be able to edit and review those questions.

- The first column will be the Activity Type. For now, that will always be Poll.
- Next, is the Type of question, e.g. Open-Ended, Multiple choice, Rank order, or Q&A
- Column C will be the title of the poll question
- Columns D and onward will be your answer choices. There is no hard limit to the number of answer choices you enter

- If you have a plan which comes with our Grading feature, you can prepend *** (3 asterisks) to indicate which answer choice is the correct one. 

Note: you cannot upload images from our CSV Importer. So, unfortunately clickable image polls or multiple choice polls with image options will need to be created the old fashion way. 

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