How can I download participant list to a csv?

You can download all or a selected groups of your participants to CSV (Excel). This can be used by large accounts to get some general data on their participants. Or, as a handy way to quickly mass email all of your registered participants.

How it works:

1. go to (participants tab)

2. Select the Participant Groups you want to include from the circles on the right side OR just click the export button. We'll export all of your registered participants by default

3. Click Export > this will begin downloading a .CSV file (Excel Spreadsheet)

What data the export includes:

  • Email,

  • First Name, Last Name

  • Phone (last 4 digits)

  • Responding As (student ID field)

  • Groups (comma separated list of all participant groups each participant is in. These will be in the same column in the spreadsheet)

  • Joined (date participant registered)

  • Last Login date

*Note: this Export is available for all users on the account. You don't need to be the owner or an admin export a list of all of the registered participants on the entire account.

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