Can I embed a poll in BlackBoard?

While we do have some BlackBoard integration currently to import your class roster and gradebook report, we do not have any built in method to embed polls within BlackBoard. We have seen some instructors in the past use the Item tool in BlackBoard to embed the poll. Here's how:

Add “/embed” to a poll’s link or click on “Share” menu to find the embed codes.

1. Click on the title of the poll question you want to embed

2. Then click on Present to the top right

3. Click on Share to give you the different options to share a poll on the web. Select "Embed" at the bottom of the menu


4. Copy the Embed Snippet for what you want to embed. You can choose the Web Voting Widget for multiple choice polls to receive results within BlackBoard or the Live Chart Widget to display the results.

Then, In BlackBoard, select Build Content > Item

Then click the HTML button on the right of the text options

Paste the embeddable code you copied from Poll Everywhere and click Update

And, you'll get something like this

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