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  1. PowerPoint and Keynote App Troubleshooting 

    1. PowerPoint the poll is not activating? Login
    2. PowerPoint doesn't work when I hook my computer up to a Projector or Dual Monitor
    3. In PowerPoint, I get an error message that says “Slide cannot be found”
    4. Cannot install or download the PowerPoint App for Windows. Or, the Poll Everywhere button does not appear in PowerPoint
    5. Conflicting Ad-Ins - Jive, Lync, AbDocs
  2. The Basics 

    1. Getting Started - The basic create a poll and respond instructions
    2. Creating Polls
    3. Displaying Polls for Live Feedback from Audience
    4. Setting Up a Custom Page
  3. Presenting Polls From A Mobile Device 

    1. Presenting Without a Projector From a Mobile Device
  4. Customizing Polls 

    1. Batch Editing: Editing Multiple Polls/Questions at Once
    2. Custom Reply Messages
    3. Setting an Auto Lock/Unlock Time
    4. Hide or Show Results with our Instructions View
    5. Using the Leaderboard to display only the top results
  5. Sharing Polls 

    1. Moving or Reordering a Poll ; rearrange
  6. Premium Features 

    1. Adding Sub-Users
    2. Can I put people into teams or groups to create competitions?
  7. Managing Your Account 

    1. Updating Your Personal Information
  8. Tips, Tricks, and Cool Stuff 

    1. Word Clouds for Open Response (Free Text) Polls
    2. Moving Multiple Polls Between Groups or Users
    3. Add image to a Poll Question
  9. General 

    1. How long are my polls active? When do they auto-lock (auto-close)? When are my keywords released?
    2. How do I change the look and feel of my poll? Can I set a default template?
    3. How can I restrict who is allowed to vote on a poll?
    4. Can I grade or score responses?
  10. SMS Text Messaging 

    1. Why do US or Canadian participants have to send their text message responses to that weird phone number ("22333" or "37607")?
    2. As a paying customer, can I remove the "Powered by" footer on reply messages?
  11. Pricing 

    1. How much does it cost?
    2. If someone votes on a poll, are they charged in any way by Poll Everywhere or the cell phone carrier?
    3. What is the K-12 classroom size promise?
  12. Account Management 

    1. I am currently on a paid plan. Will I be charged the full amount if I change plan levels?
  13. Technical 

    1. Will Poll Everywhere work without an Internet connection?
    2. Is there support for OpenOffice presentations on any operating system?
    3. What is the WiFi bandwidth needed to present polls? (required internet connection speed)
  14. Troubleshooting 

    1. My PollEv page is not updating or displaying my poll (piece of pie, activate)
    2. My poll is not responding to text messages
  15. Students 

    1. How do I register or reply to my Professor's or Teacher's polls?
    2. Can I register participants who don’t have email addresses (like young students)?
  16. All articles 

    1. Batch Editing: Editing Multiple Polls/Questions at Once
    2. How Hard Does Poll Everywhere Party?
    3. Does Poll Everywhere Party?
    4. Getting Started - The basic create a poll and respond instructions
    5. Present from iPad - Office 365 Add-in

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