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  1. PowerPoint and Keynote App Troubleshooting 

    1. How to insert or embed my polls in PowerPoint
    2. PowerPoint the poll is not activating? Login
    3. How do I insert or embed my polls in Keynote
    4. Mac - How do I insert or embed my polls in PowerPoint?
    5. PowerPoint doesn't work when I hook my computer up to a Projector or Dual Monitor
  2. The Basics 

    1. Getting Started - The basic create a poll and respond instructions
    2. Creating Polls
    3. Displaying Polls for Live Feedback from Audience
    4. Setting Up a Custom Page
    5. Q&A Poll (Discourses)
  3. Responding to Polls 

    1. Responding to Polls with your Smartphone or by the Web
    2. Responding to Polls With SMS Text Message Responses
    3. Responding to Polls With Twitter Responses
    4. Register with your Professor with a redemption or access code
  4. Presenting Polls From A Mobile Device 

    1. Managing Polls From a Mobile Device
    2. Asking “On-The-Fly” Questions From a Mobile Device
    3. Presenting Without a Projector From a Mobile Device
    4. Moderating Free Text Polls From a Mobile Device
  5. Customizing Polls 

    1. Batch Editing: Editing Multiple Polls/Questions at Once
    2. Ways People Can Respond
    3. Setting the maximum number of responses per participant for a poll
    4. Custom Reply Messages
    5. Restricting Voting to Only Registered Participants
  6. Sharing Polls 

    1. Live Chart Link
    2. Private Voting Link to email a poll question
    3. Embed Polls in a Blog or Webpage
    4. Distributing a "Multi-Poll" Survey or How to ask more than one poll question at a time
    5. Moving or Reordering a Poll ; rearrange
  7. Premium Features 

    1. Custom Keywords and Reserved Keywords
    2. Segmentation or Team Competitions
    3. Moderation
    4. Adding Sub-Users
    5. Grading
  8. Managing Your Account 

    1. Downgrading/Upgrading Your Plan
    2. Updating Your Personal Information
    3. Changing Your Text Message Coverage Area
    4. Viewing/Printing Receipts
    5. Keeping Your Polls Private
  9. Tips, Tricks, and Cool Stuff 

    1. Picture, Images and Equations as Options
    2. Word Clouds for Open Response (Free Text) Polls
    3. Copy Group of Polls
    4. Moving Multiple Polls Between Groups or Users
    5. Setting a Template Poll (Default Visual Settings)
  10. General 

    1. What is Poll Everywhere?
    2. How do people vote, respond, or otherwise send in comments or questions?
    3. How does it work?
    4. How do I teach my audience to participate? What are the best practices from other customers?
    5. What is a poll? Is it the same as a "question" I ask my audience? What is the difference between the different types of polls?
  11. SMS Text Messaging 

    1. What countries does Poll Everywhere cover for text message response?
    2. Will participants who text message to Poll Everywhere ever receive SMS spam or unwanted text messages later?
    3. Why do US or Canadian participants have to send their text message responses to that weird phone number ("22333" or "37607")?
    4. How can participants elect to never receive text message replies (confirmations) from Poll Everywhere?
    5. How can participants receive help from their mobile phones?
  12. Pricing 

    1. What about one time events?
    2. How much does it cost?
    3. If I purchase a monthly plan when does the month start and how long does it last?
    4. If someone votes on a poll, are they charged in any way by Poll Everywhere or the cell phone carrier?
    5. I am going to be asking a lot of questions to people over time. Will it be costly for them to participate?
  13. Account Management 

    1. How can I get a copy of my receipt or invoice?
    2. How can I cancel paid service or downgrade to the Free plan? Will I lose any data?
    3. I forgot to downgrade, but I didn't use the service. Can I get a refund?
    4. How do I add subusers to my account, such as other presenters or employees in my organization?
    5. I am currently on a paid plan. Will I be charged the full amount if I change plan levels?
  14. Technical 

    1. Can I get the results of my poll in a spreadsheet? csv
    2. Are there any character limits? What are they? Are some of my responses getting cut off
    3. Will Poll Everywhere work without an Internet connection?
    4. How can I build voting applications with the Poll Everywhere Voting API?
    5. How secure is the voting? Can people cheat?
  15. Troubleshooting 

    1. How do I present or embed my polls in powerpoint on windows
    2. My PollEv page is not updating or displaying my poll (piece of pie, activate)
    3. My poll is not responding to text messages
    4. My participants can only vote once per poll. How can I allow them to vote multiple times?
  16. Students 

    1. I already have an account / my email address is already taken. Do I need to delete this account to register as a participant on an instructor’s account?
    2. How do I register or reply to my Professor's or Teacher's polls?
    3. How do I enter my student ID, username, or an alternate identifier?
    4. What information can my instructor see about me?
    5. I have several instructors with Poll Everywhere accounts where I have to pay, as the student. Do I need to pay separately for each of them?
  17. All articles 

    1. What is Poll Everywhere?
    2. What countries does Poll Everywhere cover for text message response?
    3. What about one time events?
    4. How can I get a copy of my receipt or invoice?
    5. Can I get the results of my poll in a spreadsheet? csv

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