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prevent cheating - highlight ALL responses after a response is submitted

Currently, student responses are highlighted on their screens. In a large, crowded lecture hall, any confused student can look around and see the majority response on their neighbors' screens. This makes respond-on-your-own questions fruitless.

A simple fix: once a student chooses a response, ALL responses are highlighted.

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I can see how this could be a problem, especially in a lab or large lecture hall where most students would be responding from laptops. It’s a little easier than a small cell phone screen. There is certainly the tried and true method of peaking at your classmates paper.

We show the option that a student selected to allow them to change their answer (assuming our Clear response feature is enabled on the poll question) and to provide some feedback for the student to see if they got the question correct. And, we would like to have this continue to be our default setup.

We could make a toggle switch for you to go on anti-cheat mode or the like for more preventative measures. May I ask, would you want this setting on all of your poll questions or are there poll questions where you would want the student’s to see their response right away?

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks Brian. A toggle that allows us to go into "anti-cheat" mode would be great.

    Anti-cheat mode could be:
    - highlight all responses
    - highlight the chosen response for 1 second, then highlight all responses
    - highlight all responses, with a thin, hard-to-see-from-3-feet outline on the chosen response

    I'd want this as the default option for all my questions. But any toggle would do.


    A little more info, if you're curious on PollEverywhere usage in classrooms:
    In the class I teach (500+ students in a large lecture hall), I use a tablet connected to a display, and we have a separate, dedicated PollEverywhere laptop. Why? Mostly because I don't always know where questions will be in the lecture. We might do a question once, we might do it twice ("chat with your neighbors and poll in again"), I might make up a question on the fly. So we load 20 blank questions (responses labelled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...), and I open the polls on the PollEverywhere laptop as needed. The questions & responses themselves are displayed on the tablet. We find this setup quite easy.

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